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CCTV And Solar Installation CompanyCCTV And Solar Installation CompanyCCTV And Solar Installation Company
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CCTV And Solar Installation CompanyCCTV And Solar Installation CompanyCCTV And Solar Installation Company

Solar Installation

Professional installation service for extended life-cycle

Powering the Nigeria towards a clean energy future. Gizmo Installations supply Nigeria homes and businesses with a range of renewable energy solutions that deliver big financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence.

Our installation processes for longer lasting solar solutions is exceptional. Our 4 Steps to Solar process is a sure installation approach that makes it simple to install solar panels for your home that stand the test of time.

Panels with over 20 years warranty
Installations by well trained expert
Free training on usage and maintenance

As a certified Solar Panel installer in Nigeria, we provide every customer with premium quality service and great value for money. Our dedication and dependability makes us one of the best installers to work with when transitioning to renewable energy whether fully or partially.

Specialising in roof-mounted solar, Gismo Installations install PV for residential property, commercial/industrial buildings, public sector, schools and for agricultural buildings within Nigeria.

With head office in Abuja, we conduct nationwide installations any where our services is needed.

Nationwide Installation Home Services Business Energy

At Gizmo Installation Services, we conduct nationwide solar installation for to meet your energy need. We learn about your premises and energy to recommend what is best for you. Whether you just want installation services after purchase, you want us to help purchase and install for you, we have you covered.

We provide you with the perfect installation that would work and last best for your home. With solar panels with over 20 years warranty and batteries of 8 years plus life-cycle you can enjoy uninterruptible power supply for your home.

If your need solar energy for your business to cut down cost and enjoy power on your own term, we are your trusted partners. 

We take time to calculate your energy need to come up with a perfect customized solution for your business need.